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Designed as a portable and robust low-cost

gauging unit for the sampling and verification of the thickness of cast and blown film products. It incorporates the latest microprocessor technology to maintain accuracy and reliability.


Product Summary


Main Supply     :     115 or 230 V ac 50Hz


Probe up / down                       Imperial/Metric measurement

Zero tracking

Aux function

Reset and baud rate select

Display: 5½ digit display plus polarity indication


Low      0   to   599.9 microns @ 0.1 micron

High     600.0 to 3000.0 microns @ 0.5 microns

Resolution:        Low  0.1 Micron

                               High 0.5 Micron

Repeatability:     +/- 0.5 micron

Accuracy:                +/- 0.4 micron

Insertion gap:     3.5mm(3500 microns)


Material thickness:                         3.0 mm

PC Interface     : RS232 Link       

1200 / 2400 / 4800 / 9600 baud rate user selectable

Weight:              Measuring unit    3.115 kg


The Gauge comes Complete with: - Foot pedal, 2 Slip gauges with Calibration Certificates,    Software Floppy, PC lead, Mains lead and Operating manual.


The Gauge is designed for both laboratory and production line use, and eliminates the measurement differences between one operator and another. It conforms to the requirements of ISO 4593 but exceeds them with 0.1 micron resolution of measurement.

The push button operation with the optional auto zero tracking and optional display offset ensure ease of use, and the large 5 ½ digit display with polarity indication give unambiguous results.

The RS232 port can be connected to a PC running software available to generate profile information around the film bubble and automatic statistical analysis of accuracy. There are two measuring ranges covering all thicknesses between 0 to 3000 microns.

Raise lower action of the probe can be from foot pedal control or automatic via a built in control system operated with the remote computer programme.

The Off-Line Gauge

For Off-Line Film Thickness Measurement

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