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The APR series of Ultra Low Air Pressure Regulators can be used for Precision Control of Air Pressure, mainly used for tube extrusion.

Available as regulator only or in custom cabinet with flow control valve.

Product Summary

                        Main Features

Precision control of air pressure.

Commonly used for tube extrusion, bubble control and other fine settings.

Pressure ranges 1/100 psi to 3 psi

Hysteresis free control action

Precision setting with Vernier Knob

Remote or automatic setting option

Available in Manual or Servo Versions

Available as regulator only or in custom cabinet with flow control valve


The APR series of regulators are designed to control air pressure down to 1/100 psi, or a few mm of water gauge, on sensitive production processes.  When connected directly to the factory air supply via a flow control valve the regulator balances the output pressure against the tension of a low rate spring and expels surplus air to atmosphere. With the relief valve hung vertically on the balance spring and literally floating on a cushion of air, friction is negligible.  This produces a Hysteresis free output pressure as either input pressure or output flow changes.  An oil chamber below the air relief valve adds viscostatic damping and ensures short-term stability

APR series

Ultra Low Air Pressure Regulators


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