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The SIG140 will provide real time pictorial reports and Profiles of the blown film thickness during production with diebolt registration. The polar plot provides an easily understood picture of 360 degree sectional view of the bubble showing any high or low spots with reference to the diebolt positions.

Our simple speed control option offers the facility to optimize production. 

Product Summary


15 inch SVGA TFT Display

Easy Installation with Step By Step Guide

Operator Keypad

System “ Health ” check on Boot-Up

High Speed Processor and Enhanced Software

Real Time Profile Plot with Diebolt Registration

Polar Plot  For Easy Diebolt Adjustment

Works With Any Type of  Rotation or Oscillation

Archives Historical Data for future display/print

Patented Non-Contact Measuring Head

Parallel Printer Port Output

RS232 and RS485 Comms Ports


Linespeed Control Output

Gravimetric Feedback for Precision Start-Up

Batch Ticket Printer Output

Remote Alarm Output

The SIG 140 Series is a cost effective Film Gauging system designed to operate with the Sussex Capacitive heads and to be Easily Installed on most types of Blown Film line without specially trained engineers. The unit is installed using the step by step instructions supplied. The basic SIG 140 is ideal for wall mounting as it is complete with a 15 inch TFT Display and Keypad.  Installation is further simplified by a special display showing all the sensor inputs necessary for a fully working system.   It tests its hardware on boot-up and should it find any non-functional element, the on-board diagnostic system is capable of locating the source of the problem quickly, saving down-time.

Capacitance gauges require calibration on-line at start-up of production, but the SIG unit can automatically calibrate itself when used with any gravimetric unit controlling the line. Without gravimetrics, there is an easy method of calibration using an Off-line gauge.  The SIG unit synchronises itself to the rotating Nip or Die and displays the thickness profile around the bubble. The Real Time profile plot shows accuracy round the bubble relative to production high/low limits, while the Polar plot shows the direction of adjustment required with the diebolts. A Historical plot stores the profile information for recall at a later date.

The Sussex patented Air cushion head allows measurement of hot, sticky and delicate films. Used in conjunction with a Gravimetric hopper input giving Kg/Hr and fitted with the Linespeed control, the SIG units will give automatic calibration from start-up. They shorten start-up time, optimise reel, weight and control gauge with precision from the start of the first production reel saving up to 4% of material during production.  An Alarm Output with lamp gives warning of out of tolerance production.

The Aipex SIG140 System

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